5 Fun Party Games to Rent for Your Next Event

Every event and party needs entertainment, but planning it can be timely and inconvenient. That’s what makes our party game rentals so great—they’re fun, easy to rent, and accessible to all your guests. We provide arcade game rentals, photobooth rentals, and more in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. If you don’t have time to browse all of our party game rentals though, check out our top 5 fun party games to rent for your next event below.

1. Giant Bucket Pong

Our giant games are hard not to love because they’re not only fun to play, but make your party look fun. Giant bucket pong is a larger version of beer pong, played with a volleyball, putting all of your friends and family’s beer pong skills to the test. It’s the perfect idea for your work summer party and family BBQs. Expect your guest to get competitive and continue the competition with giant Jenga next!

2. LED Mini Golf

Who wants to go to mini golf when you can bring it to your event? This LED mini golf 9-hole package not only involves not having to wait in any lines, but it lights up and involves 9 obstacles. If you’re looking to fill your event with just one game, you can’t go wrong with LED mini golf. We have numerous LED games for you to choose from that match.

led mini golf rental

3. Air Hockey

Air hockey is a classic game that everyone knows how to play, which is why it can be so perfect for any event. No instructions would be required! This air hockey table is just one of several we rent out, but everyone returns to it because of its traditional look. Other classic games we offer that would work great with air hockey are foosball and cornhole. With those three games, you’ll see your guests more competitive than ever before.

4. Skeeball

One of our party game rentals that our clients always come back to is our classic skeeball arcade game. It’s one of those arcade games everyone grew up around and knows how to play. It’s the perfect way to add nostalgia to your event, along with the rest of our arcade games. Consider renting three to put next to each other for maximum group games and competition.

skeeball rental

5. Black Jack Table

Many of our clients come to us with a theme in mind for their event, and often, they want to host a casino night. We have all of the casino games you’d need, but all of our clients go for our blackjack table first because the game is so well known. Your rental comes with the table, the chips, accessories, and the dealer. A quick tip: many of our clients that hold casino parties often rent a photo booth to give guests in between games something to do. Browse all the types of photo booths we offer for your event.

Let’s Discuss How to Make Your Event Fun!

At Snap Entertainment, we’re dedicated to making sure you have the best event possible! With our expertise and party game rentals, we work with you to make sure everything goes smoothly. Contact us so we can start planning for your event!