Corporate Event Planning Tips

If you are in charge of planning your organization’s next corporate event, you may be feeling the pressure that often comes with event coordination. The good news is that there are some easy ways that you can ensure that your next corporate event is a success. Today we will share some of our top corporate event planning tips. 

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Now, we’ll share our tips on how to plan an amazing corporate event.

Our Top Corporate Event Planning Tips

Choose a Theme

Beginning the planning process with a strong theme will help guide the rest of the planning. Deciding on the venue, food and entertainment will instantly become easier once you know which theme you are going for. You can go for a seasonal theme such as “winter wonderland,” a generational theme like an 80’s party, or an activity-based theme such as a casino themed party. No matter which theme you choose, starting with this decision will make the rest of the planning process simpler.

Define and Stick to a Budget

There is nothing worse than running out of budget in the middle of party planning. That is why it is best to collect various quotes from the main vendors at the start of the process. Reach out to venues, caterers, and entertainment companies right away so that you can compare prices and then figure out how to stay on budget for the whole event. This will take much of the planning stress away and can leave you leeway to splurge on fun touches for the corporate event. 

Bring in a Photobooth

There are endless reasons why you should hire a photobooth for your event! Photobooths bring the fun to parties no matter the time of day, venue, or theme. They help people relax, let loose and bond while creating memories of the great time they are having. Click here if you’d like to get more information on Snap Entertainment’s photobooth rental options.

Provide Arcade Games

In addition to photobooths, having arcade games at your event is a sure way to keep the party going. Nowadays, you can easily rent arcade games for the day. Arcade game rental companies will bring the event to the party, set it up, attend the game if necessary and take it away when the event is over. This process makes the job of the person planning the corporate event infinitely easier, which is why finding a reliable arcade game rental company can be a lifesaver. Check out our blog on questions to ask arcade game rental companies for advice on how to make sure that you are hiring a reputable company.

Document the Event

Create social media moments throughout your event and document them well. Consider hiring a photographer to circulate throughout your event and gather pictures of your guests having a great time. These photos are excellent to use for internal marketing as well as for your company’s website (especially the career and culture pages). Reminding employees of the entertaining corporate event that you have planned will help reinforce your organization’s positive culture and promote strong employee retention. 

Planning a corporate event can be challenging and time consuming. We hope that our corporate event planning tips will make the process less daunting and more straightforward for you! If you are located in D.C, Maryland, or Virginia and are searching for trustworthy entertainment options, don’t hesitate to call 240-386-8042 to get in touch with Snap Entertainment.