Different Types of Photobooths for Your Event

You always want something to make your gathering stand out when throwing a party. Guests can have a physical keepsake of the day with a photobooth at your event. There are many other reasons to include a photobooth and many types of photobooths to choose from.

Different types of photobooths are trending right now and you may not have even realized it! Snap Entertainment has eight different photobooth rental options for your party elevation. We offer photobooth rentals for events in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. Click here or call (240) 386-8042 to start the rental process. First, let’s get into the types of photobooths most likely to make your event stand out:

360 Slow Motion Experience

360 Slow Motion Experience photobooths are trending, even having been seen on red carpet events for award shows. This photobooth has an XL platform that fits up to 5 people to ensure all of your closest friends can be included in your celebrity moment. While some people enjoy a physical keepsake, some guests may prefer digital copies, and our 360 Slow Motion Experience includes the creation of an online gallery and the ability to download all videos after the event!

360 photobooth use

Picture Perfect Photo Booth

This type of photobooth is the most traditional option. Designed by professional wedding photographers to capture the best pictures every time, your guests will be thrilled to view their photos in an online gallery so they don’t lose their photo slip. The Picture Perfect Photo Booth doesn’t stand out as an eyesore but will draw your guests in to commemorate the night.

Giant Snowglobe Photobooth

Another unique type of photobooth we offer is the Giant Snowglobe Photobooth. While we don’t want to skip over the great fall parties you may have, we want you to imagine your best Winter Wonderland party with a giant snowglobe that isn’t just for decoration. Guests will never forget the feeling of entering a giant snowglobe and leaving with fun photos. In addition, your youthful guests will have an amazing time in the snowglobe as it allows for bouncing around for boomerang GIFs.

group posing with champagne

Get Started in Planning Your Unique Event

The types of photobooths outlined in this blog are only some options we have for photobooth rental. If you live in the Maryland, D.C., or Virginia Area and would like to include a unique experience at your upcoming event, click here or call (240) 386-8042 to decide which option is best for you!