VR Coaster

VR Coaster

A VR Roller Coaster Experience like no other!

The all new VR Coaster experience from Snap Entertainment will WOW your guests! Two riders will strap on a pair of VR goggles and choose from over 25 unique rides. After that, they’re in for one WILD RIDE! Amazing virtual world’s with crazy twists, turns, drops, and jumps will excite and surprise your guests.

Here is what your VR Coaster rental will include:

  • One VR Coaster with vibration and wind effects
  • One 42″ monitor for on-lookers to watch the experience
  • Two pairs of Oculus Go VR Goggles
  • Attractive signage
  • One Game Attendant

Each ride ranges from 3-5 minutes in length, and typical through-put is is approximately 20-25 riders per hour. This should be taken in to consideration when renting this game. It is advisable that multiple units should be rented to increase rider throughput.

  • $1,995 (up to 4 hours) plus delivery
    $250 per additional hour
  • 1-2 Players
  • 10 ft L x 10 ft W x 10 ft H
  • 1 x 110V Outlet
  • Attendant Included: Yes, one attendant
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