Custom Pop Sockets

Photo Station + Pop Sockets = AWESOME!

Pop Sockets are those nifty devices that simplify holding your phone or propping on a table for viewing. Now you can offer these useful products to your guests as a memorable takeaway from your event. The process begins with a photo station. Guests (1-4 per session) will take a photo. That photo is then trasferred to a pop socket via the process of heat press dye sublimation. The image quality is phenomenal, and the end product is durable. What more could you ask for in a high quality event takeaway! 

What comes with the Custom Pop Socket activity:

  • Photo Station with One Attendant
  • A backdrop of your choosing (click here for backdrop selection)
  • Pop Socket Pressing Station
  • Order forms
  • Pop Sockets

Custom Pop Sockets can be completed at a maximum rate of 50 per hour for up to 4 hours. Orders are taken on a customized form. The time to completing depends upon the amount of orders in the queue. It is common for orders to be cut-off approximately 15-30 minutes prior to the end of an event if there are orders in the queue. For more questions regarding this activity, or for a custom quote, please fill out the form below.

  • $1,500 plus $20 per Pop Socket (minimum 50)
  • 1-3 Participants per photo
  • 10 ft L x 15ft W (Space for photo station and
    Pop Socket pressing station)
  • 2 x 110V 20 amp circuit (One circuit MUST be
    dedicated to this activity for the heat press)
  • Attendant Included: One attendant for the photo
    station and two attendants for the Pop Socket station
  • Request custom green screen background images (additional fees may apply)

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