How to Host a Memorable Game Night in Virginia

Are you considering hosting for friends and family, or wanting to host for a larger group in the Virginia area? If so, don’t let the idea of hosting and planning turn you away, because hosting can make a great impression on the people around you. Hosting a game night is the best way to entertain people and have them walk away with a memorable night because there are so many game night ideas! The logistics can seem overwhelming, but we have you covered!

At Snap Entertainment, we provide you with everything you’ll need to entertain your guests, from arcade game rentals to photo booth rentals and more in the Virginia area. Contact us to start planning your most memorable party yet! Continue reading to learn how to host a memorable game night in Virginia.

Pick the Theme of Your Game Night Idea

If you’re feeling stuck on planning your game night, it may help to choose a theme first. Casino night, 80s retro, college throwbacks, futuristic, backyard BBQ—the game night ideas are endless. Our most popular theme is casino night because there are so many types of events you can rent casino games for. If your group of friends or coworkers loved beer pong in college, then you can choose from our selection of classic games that include games like giant bucket pong for the perfect backyard party. It’s one of the best ideas for your work summer party! Pick the theme that is most ideal for you, your group, and the size of the event. We’ll have the games for you.

outdoor grilling at game night

Consider the Size of Your Group

Less than 10 guests

When hosting a game night, the number of games you’ll need to rent will depend on the number of people you’re inviting. If you’re inviting less than 10 guests, focus solely on your theme and your guests’ interests. With only 10 guests, you don’t need to worry about them getting bored because there will be enough to go around. We recommend renting at least two games.

More than 10 guests

If you’re inviting more than 10 people, consider focusing on team/group-related games in order to include everyone. We recommend renting 3-5 games for your event.

More than 25 guests

This is where your theme becomes really helpful. If you’re holding a casino theme game night, then it will be easy to accommodate so many guests because games like blackjack will entertain many. The same goes for a backyard BBQ, because these outdoor games, like LED mini golf and cornhole, can get everyone involved! We recommend two of our summer party packages.

Choose Your Games

Choosing your games for the night will be the true substance of the event. Whether or not you have a theme, we have all of the games you could need. But we’re also here to offer guidance on how to choose your games.

If you have a theme:

We have all of the tables necessary for a casino game night—just pick the tables you’re most interested in. If you’re looking for a futuristic theme, rent our virtual reality sets and LED games. Host the 80s retro game night of your dreams with our old-school arcade games. For a classic summer BBQ, browse our classic games and giant games.

If you don’t have a theme:

You don’t need a theme to host a memorable game night. Our recommendation is to focus on the interest of your guests and the purpose of your party. If you simply want to have a fun night with family and friends, then you can’t go wrong with our summer party packages. They each include three games that get everyone involved. For a large group, rent two or more packages!

game rentals for your game night ideas

Photograph It!

One of the best ways to make sure your game night was memorable is by photographing it. Allow your guests to go home with pictures from their night out so they’ll always be able to look back on it. We don’t expect guests to remember to take a picture while they’re having fun, so bring the photography to them! Rent a photo booth—it’s the most interactive, fun way to make sure guests go home with a picture. Adding a photo booth doesn’t need to disrupt your theme either, because we offer a variety of booths. For example, if you’re going with a retro 80s theme and need something fun, try the Rubik’s Cube photo booth. Everyone will be gushing over it.

Set Up Your Event

When you rent with us, we make the set-up seamless. All of our photobooths can with attendants to make sure everyone’s getting their pictures. If you’re looking for attendants with your games or an event supervisor, just ask and we can add it to your order. For any more questions or hesitations, read our FAQs page or contact us.

Run your Game Night Ideas by Us!

Planning your memorable game night is easy with Snap Entertainment because we have the games and the passion for your event. Click here or call (240) 386-8042 to get in touch with our team to start planning extra excitement at your event!