How to Host a Mini Golf Party in D.C.

Playing mini golf in the D.C. area is one of those activities that never goes out of style. It is one of the best party ideas because who doesn’t know how to play mini golf? It’s easy to learn, perfect for all ages, and fits all types of party themes. You could be celebrating a birthday or a corporate event, and mini golf would work for either!

At Snap Entertainment, we take our love for mini golf seriously, which is why we offer a variety of rentable games for our clients’ events, including our favorite LED mini golf packages to choose from. Whether you’re planning a bar mitzvah or trying to host an unforgettable corporate event, we have the entertainment to make your party fun-filled! Browse our selection of arcade game rentals and photobooths for your event to see the type of entertainment we offer. In the meantime, let’s go over how to host a mini golf party in the D.C. area. 

Choose a Mini Golf Package

The first thing to do when planning a mini golf party is to pick out your mini golf package. We offer a variety of mini golf packages to fit your venue and guest list.

For smaller parties, we have a  3-hole mini golf package. For parties of 10, we recommend our 6-hole mini golf package. In addition, for parties larger than 10, we have 9-hole mini golf. If you know that the guests you’re inviting are competitive and love mini golf, or you’re simply inviting more than 15 people, we recommend renting a mix of our mini golf packages!

Send Out Invitations

Once you have your mini golf packages rented, you’ll have a better idea of how many people you can entertain. Send out the invites with information about the date, location, and prepared entertainment. This will prepare people ahead of time to play mini golf and encourage them to wear comfortable attire. 

Pick a Spacious Area

Before your mini golf rentals arrive, plan a spacious area where they can go, especially if you’ve rented more than one package. Many of our clients find a space outside if the weather is nice so that they can spread the obstacles and boards out. Whether you’re playing mini golf inside or outside, make sure you have a cleared-out space before our attendants arrive with your games! 

Cater Food that will Match the Celebration

The best parties always have both great entertainment and delicious food. If you have a theme assigned to your mini golf party, order or make food that matches the theme! Browse these catering menu ideas to help determine what type of food to order for your event, based on the occasion and season. 

Give Us a Call to Rent Our Mini Golf Package

​You’re officially ready to host your mini golf party in D.C.! All that’s left is to click here or call (240) 386-8042 to get in touch with our team to start booking your mini golf packages. We look forward to helping make your event unforgettable.