How to Throw a Casino Themed Party

Casino themed parties are the perfect combination of relaxing, fun and whimsical. Whether you are wondering how to throw a casino themed party or just looking for casino themed party ideas, Snap Entertainment is here to help. Snap Entertainment offers casino game rentals to Maryland, D.C, and Virginia area events. Click here or call (240) 386-8042 for more information.

 Now, we’ll share some of our favorite casino theme party ideas.

 How to Throw a Casino Themed Party

 Decide on the Perfect Casino Games to Rent

The most important part of a casino themed party is of course, the games! Classic options such as Blackjack, Craps, Money Wheel, Roulette and Texas Holdem are sure to keep guests entertained all night. If you’re interested in renting a game from Snap Entertainment, view our casino game catalog!

 Serve the Right Food and Drinks

An elaborate and memorable party needs well thought out food and drinks. Consider serving many easy to eat finger foods and small appetizers instead of a large, sit down meal to allow people to play without many disruptions and thereby maintain the flow of the event.

 For drinks, nothing beats a signature cocktail to go with the theme of the event. In addition to a signature cocktail, be sure to serve classic cocktails such as manhattans, martinis and gin and tonics. An impeccable menu will serve to keep the good times rolling.

 Provide Party Favors

Party favors are a fun extra that make guests feel appreciated and bring back warm memories long after the event is over. Some ideas include custom cocktail glasses with the date and logo of the event, small packets of lottery tickets for each guest, or high-end chocolates with custom wrappers. Hospitality is all about attention to the small details, so do not skip thoughtful favors!

 Create a Strong Theme

There are many possible casino party themes to choose from. You can make your casino themed party a black tie event with a Las Vegas theme. Another option is to draw inspiration from famous films such as 21 or Oceans 11. You can even throw in a historical twist by making your casino party draw inspiration from the Prohibition era, when gambling was illegal.

 There are endless casino theme party possibilities. Having a strong theme will tie all of the elements of your party together.

 Add Other Entertainment

In addition to casino games, consider providing music through living performers or a DJ. Photobooths are also a hit at casino themed parties, especially if they are formal events or costume events. When it comes to throwing an unforgettable party, the more entertainment, the better!

Call Snap Entertainment for Your D.C., Maryland, or Virginia Area Casino Themed Party

Snap Entertainment provides a variety of casino games to the D.C, Maryland and Virginia area. If you are looking to plan a casino themed party, we are here to serve you! Would you like to learn more? Click here or call (240) 386-8042 to contact us!