Ideas for Your Work Summer Party

Are you in charge of planning your company’s summer work party this year? Summer is the perfect time to take a deep breath and to take the intensity level at work down a few notches. Planning a great party will help employees to bond, get much needed rest, and go back to the office with renewed energy and positive memories. We’ll give you fun summer work party ideas to help you to throw a bash to remember! 

Top Five Fun Summer Work Party Ideas

Though this list could be endless, here are our top 5 most popular work party ideas.

outdoor movie at summer work party

1. Outdoor Movies

Nothing says summer like a movie outside. If your party is going to extend into the night, an outdoor movie will keep people entertained when it becomes too dark to partake in other activities. Plus, if families are invited to some or all of the summer work party, the outdoor movie will be sure to entertain kids. Be sure to choose a movie that is entertaining for all ages and to either provide picnic blankets, or to tell people to bring their own. 

giant chess

2. Giant Games

Giant games mean huge fun! Whether you choose to include Giant Bucket Pong, Chess, Connect 4, Jenga, or Foosball, you can find something to capture everyone’s interest. If your workplace is located in the D.C, Maryland, or Virginia area, Snap Entertainment would love to provide giant games for your corporate party. Browse our giant games catalog for more details on what we have to offer.

summer work bbq

3. Picnic or BBQ

If you live in a climate with four seasons, you know how exciting it is to have picnics and BBQs once the summer rolls around. In fact, nothing feels more summery than enjoying a meal with others under the sun. Picnics and BBQs can be simple but delicious. Consider hiring a catering company to bring food for a picnic or a staff to bring in grills and prepare food for everybody on the spot. A shared lunch or dinner outdoors will bring people together and create a relaxed atmosphere.


4. Cornhole or Putt-Skee

Consider renting some classic lawn games that everyone will know how to play. Some of the most popular ones include cornhole and putt-skee (a combination of mini-golf and skeeball). At Snap Entertainment, we offer a variety of classic games that will please any crowd. Click here to get in touch with any questions that you may have. If you’d like to learn more about having the perfect games for your outdoor party, check out our blog on the best backyard game rentals for your party!

musicians at summer work party

5. Hire Professional Entertainers 

Bring in some professionals to keep everyone entertained. A magician or comedian will keep people laughing. You can also opt to have entertainment that involves employees such as a fake, comedic awards ceremony or an employee talent festival, where people share talents that they might not otherwise have the chance to share. Having an organized performance of some kind will elevate your event and show all of the careful planning that it entailed.

Call Snap Entertainment for Your Summer Party Game Rentals

Throwing the perfect summer party is a breeze with game rentals from Snap Entertainment. After reserving your games in our easy-to-use online catalog, our team will deliver the games before the event begins and pick them up when it ends. If you’re located in the D.C., Maryland, or Virginia area, don’t hesitate to click here or call (240) 386-8042 to get started.