Innovative Games for Corporate Events

Corporate events are a prime opportunity to show employees that they matter. Throwing a fun event with interactive games will ensure that your team feels appreciated and cared for. Today, we’ll share some innovative game ideas for corporate events. 

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Now, we’ll share our top innovative game ideas for corporate events. 

Innovative and Interactive Game Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Forget dull games such as charades and trivia. The following innovative games will make your corporate event lively and unforgettable.

Super Chexx Dome Hockey

This innovative arcade game will keep guests talking long after the event is over! Super Chexx Dome Hockey is a fast paced, interactive, classic arcade game with lively sound effects. One game is great for 2-4 players. If you are interested in checking out the other arcade games that we offer, such as Arcade Hoops, 4 In A Row, and more, view our arcade game catalog.

VR Coaster

With the VR Coaster, there’s no need to take your employees to an amusement park. This system utilizes exclusive software and hardware systems to create a captivating VR experience. From the vibration system to the wind effects and stunning scenery, the VR Coaster will bring a thrilling coaster experience to your next corporate event. If you’d like to learn about all of the Virtual Reality experiences that we provide for corporate events, check out our Virtual Reality catalog.

LED Cornhole

Nothing brings employees together like a cornhole tournament. Consider bringing LED cornhole to your corporate event! This innovative LED game enhances the classic cornhole experience and makes it both fun and feasible to play in lower lighting, party atmospheres. We offer a variety of interactive LED games. Click here to check out our full selection.

Giant Checkers

Since everybody knows how to play checkers, people will have enormous fun with giant checkers! This interactive game will be sure to draw people in to enjoy the party. After all, nothing grabs guests’ attention like giant games! Click here to take a look at all of the giant games that we offer.

Donkey Kong

Did you know that retro arcade games are back and that they’re here to stay? Most adults remember playing Donkey Kong as kids. Remind people of the carefree past by bringing a retro game such as Donkey Kong to your next corporate event! From Frogger to Pacman, Robotron and more, we offer a wide selection of retro arcade games. Browse our retro arcade game catalog to learn more.

Let Us Bring the Fun to Your Next Maryland, D.C., or Virginia Corporate Event 

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