Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas in D.C.

Organizing a corporate event is an excellent way to foster team bonding, boost morale, and create lasting memories. When planning an outdoor corporate event, it’s essential to incorporate exciting activities that will energize and engage your employees. If you need specific tips on how to host a corporate event in general, you can read our previous blog. In this blog post, we will explore a variety of outdoor corporate event ideas in the D.C. area and share some of our favorite game rentals.

Engaging Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas

Hosting a successful outdoor corporate event requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some engaging event ideas that will keep your attendees entertained and excited:

Outdoor Team Building Challenges

Create a series of team-building challenges that encourage collaboration and friendly competition. From obstacle courses to scavenger hunts, these activities will promote teamwork and problem-solving skills. In the D.C. area, Rock Creek Park is a great option for outdoor team building challenges! From rope courses to orienteering activities, this expansive park offers a wide array of outdoor adventure options. Encourage collaboration and problem-solving as teams navigate through the park, overcoming obstacles and completing tasks along the way.

outdoor corporate event ideas in rock d.c. ropes course at rock creek park

Sports Tournaments

Organize sports tournaments such as soccer, volleyball, or basketball. Divide participants into teams and let the competitive spirit soar as they compete for the championship.

Outdoor Movie Night at Meridian Hill Park

Unwind with your colleagues and clients by hosting an outdoor movie night at the picturesque Meridian Hill Park. Set up a large screen, comfortable seating, and a selection of classic films or popular blockbusters. This laid-back event allows everyone to relax, enjoy the movie, and engage in meaningful conversations in a casual and inviting environment.

Thrilling Game Rentals

Incorporating game rentals into your outdoor corporate event can take the excitement to a whole new level, and Snap Entertainment is located conveniently in College Park, MD, servicing your D.C. area game rental needs! Here are some thrilling game options that are sure to captivate your attendees:

Giant Jenga

Challenge your employees’ strategic thinking and dexterity with a supersized version of the classic Jenga game. Players take turns removing and stacking oversized wooden blocks, creating a nerve-wracking experience. Giant Jenga only doubles the fun!

Giant LED Pac-Man

Most giant games are perfect for outdoor corporate events, as they allow other guests to observe and help create healthy competition. Allow your event guests to be transported when they play giant LED Pac-Man. Encourage healthy competition while two players face off trying to eat all they can while avoiding ghosts and getting eaten by their opponent!

rent led pac-man for your outdoor corporate event

LED Mini Golf

At larger-scale events, we find it beneficial to include games that can help spread guests out, and our LED Mini Golf 9 Hole Package can do just that. A 9-hole game of mini golf keeps guests occupied for longer than most games and can also draw a crowd. Day or night, this package is perfect for your outdoor corporate event!

Choose Snap Entertainment for Your Outdoor Corporate Event Game Rentals

When it comes to organizing an outdoor corporate event, incorporating engaging activities and thrilling game rentals is key to creating an unforgettable experience. Snap Entertainment is a trusted game rental company providing top notch customer service in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas. Click here or call (240)386-8042 to learn more about what we have to offer! If you enjoyed these tips and ideas, you can read on for more ideas for your summer work party or outdoor fall party ideas.