Outdoor Fall Party Ideas

Fall is an excellent time to plan an outdoor party. With a break from the summer heat before the cold winter days set in, the weather is usually crisp and refreshing. 

Are you considering planning an outdoor fall party? Today, we’re going to share our favorite outdoor fall party ideas to get you started.

Top Outdoor Fall Party Ideas

Giant Chess

This large version of chess will draw guests in, keeping them entertained for hours. If your party is going to take place at night, you may want to consider LED Chess and Checkers, a version with lights that also includes checkers. Take a look at our full list of giant games for more ideas! 

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Pumpkin Decorating

If your party is taking place during the month or so before Halloween, pumpkin decorating is a perfect activity for kids and adults alike! Both kids and adults enjoy letting their creativity reign and even adults without kids can use nicely decorated pumpkins to dress up their front walkways or porches. 

If you’re going to offer pumpkin carving, be sure to buy the right knives. Some non carving ideas include: 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to pumpkin decorating! Assess the age and preference of your crowd and then plan some creative options.


This mini-golf and skeeball combination works well outside and will attract more than just golf enthusiasts. We have seen it be a hit at parties over and over again. Check out our blog on the best backyard game rentals for your event for more fun game options! 

Fall Food

The possibilities for seasonal autumn food are endless. You can keep this part of your party simple, or go all out. Some ideas include: 

  • Making chili in your crockpot – cooking and serving doesn’t get simpler than that! 
  • Creating a pumpkin punch bowl (pictured above from Better Homes & Gardens
  • Serving apple cider donuts picked up from a local spot for dessert 

Whether you get creative or keep it simple, guests are sure to enjoy the unique flavors of fall. 


End the party with a bonfire. Autumn is the best time of year to hang out around a bonfire and your guests are sure to relax and linger for longer. S’mores aren’t just for summer! Be sure to have supplies on hand for this classic treat. Also, plan to have some blankets and chairs to keep people warm in the chilly night air. 

Get Started Planning Your Autumn Party

Begin planning your autumn party now! If you’d like to rent entertaining outdoor games for your outdoor games, don’t hesitate to contact our team