Space Invaders Frenzy

Space Invaders Frenzy

Space Invaders like you’ve never seen it before!

Blow aliens (and your guests) away with the Giant LED Space Invaders! This two player game has a huge LED screen so you can play Space Invaders like you’ve never played it before. The classic arcade game has been reinvented to become the ultimate arcade experience at your next event.

This game allows for one or two players to blast away aliens with cannons that are mounted to the console. Vibrations and chair mounted speakers make the experience even more exciting!

Do you want to add custom branding to this game? For NO EXTRA COST we can add a digital version of your logo or special message as one of the ads that plays while the game is is demo mode. This is a great way to turn this game in to a GIANT billboard for your company, brand, or Mitzvah logo.

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