Questions to Ask Arcade Game Rental Companies

Are you considering renting arcade games for your party, corporate event, mitzvah, or wedding? Arcade games can bring lively, nostalgic fun to an event, but it is important to understand some key pieces of information before renting arcade games. Today, we will go over the questions that you should ask arcade game rental companies before hiring them.

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 Now, we’ll dive into what you should know before hiring an arcade game rental company.

questions to ask arcade game rental companies

 Questions to Ask Arcade Game Rental Companies 

 How far in advance do I need to reserve arcade games?

If you have ever planned an event, you know how essential it is to map out the timeline of all that must be done ahead of time. Even if you are just in the research phase of planning your event, knowing the future necessary timing will help you plan and budget well.

Does your team deliver the games, set them up, and pick them up when the event is over?

Understand the logistics that an arcade game rental will involve. Knowing how much or little you will have to do the day of the event will help you to plan your time well and to coordinate logistics with others if necessary.

For arcade games, is there a minimum order amount?

Knowing this information will help you to determine if the arcade rental company is a good fit for the size of your event. For example, some arcade game rental companies require order minimums that might be considered high for a very small event.

What is your cancellation policy?

Plans for events change all of the time. Be sure to ask this question in order to understand a company’s policy in case of necessary changes.

questions to ask arcade game rental companies

How much do your arcade game rentals cost?

As you budget for your event, you will want to know how much everything costs. From food to music, facility rental, arcade game rental and more, there are usually many moving parts to keep track of. Gathering information on arcade game rental costs early will allow you to budget for this fun entertainment at your next event.

How many arcade games should I rent given the size of my event?

You would not want to have too few games available for an eager crowd, or pay to have many games that are not used. An experienced arcade game rental company will be able to help you understand the ideal amount of arcade games to have at your event based on your expected number of guests. Asking this question will help you prepare well to provide your guests with a great time!

Are You Looking for Arcade Games Rentals in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia?

 Throwing an event to remember is all about careful planning and focusing on fun. By asking thoughtful questions as you prepare for your event, you’ll get the information that you need to ensure that your event flows well and is stress-free and memorable.

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