Falls Church, VA Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Are you planning a birthday party and looking for teen birthday party ideas? Do you want to make it a memorable event they’ll never forget? Look no further than Snap Entertainment! Here are some great ideas to make your teen’s birthday party a blast.

Have a Retro Game Night

A retro game night is a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate a teen’s birthday party. It’s an opportunity to bring back classic arcade games from the ’80s and ’90s that are still popular today. Here are some tips for hosting a successful retro game night.

Create a Tournament

To make things more exciting, you can create a tournament with the games you’ve chosen. You can set up a bracket and have guests compete against each other to see who comes out on top. You can offer prizes to the winners, such as gift cards or candy.

Decorate the Space

To create a nostalgic atmosphere, decorate the space with retro-themed decorations. You can hang up posters of classic video games, use neon-colored tablecloths, and create a ’80s or ’90s playlist to play in the background.

Serve Retro Snacks

Serve snacks that were popular in the ’80s and ’90s to keep with the retro theme. Some ideas include Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, Gushers, and Tang. You can also serve classic soda flavors like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or Dr. Pepper in glass bottles.

Set Up a DIY Pizza Station

What teen doesn’t love pizza? Set up a DIY pizza station with all the toppings and ingredients your guests could want. Encourage them to get creative and make their own unique pizza creations. It’s a fun and interactive way to enjoy a classic party food.

Rent a Fun Photobooth

Capture memories that will last a lifetime with a photobooth rental! You can set up a variety of backdrops and props to make the photos even more fun and personalized. Encourage guests to take silly photos or group shots to commemorate the event. A photobooth rental is a great way to add some extra fun and entertainment to a teen’s birthday party. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your photobooth rental.

Choose Your Backdrop

One of the best parts of a photo booth is the backdrop. With the Green Screen Photobooth, you can choose from a variety of backdrops that suit your party theme. For example, you can choose a floral backdrop for a garden party or a metallic backdrop for a more modern vibe.

Select Your Props

Props are a fun way to add personality and humor to your photos. Consider selecting props that match your party theme, such as hats, glasses, and signs. You can also include fun props like fake mustaches, boas, and feather boas for some extra silliness, but if you rent the Picture Perfect Photobooth from Snap Entertainment, you won’t have to provide props at all!

Customize Your Prints

Many photobooth rentals offer the ability to customize your photo prints. You can add your party’s name or date, and even include a logo or hashtag. This adds a personalized touch to the photo booth experience and creates a lasting memory for guests to take home.

Sing Karaoke

Host a karaoke party and let your teen and their friends show off their singing skills! Rent a karaoke machine and set up a stage area with a microphone and speakers. You can even create a themed playlist or encourage guests to choose their own songs.

Host an Unforgettable Birthday Party in Falls Church, VA with Snap Entertainment

These ideas are sure to make your teen’s birthday party a memorable event. With Snap Entertainment, you’ll have everything you need to create an unforgettable celebration. Click here or call us at (240)386-8042 with any questions!