Top 5 Bat and Bar Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Hiring bat and bar mitzvah entertainment can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you want it to be perfect. And why wouldn’t you want it to be? Well, we understand the importance of throwing memorable and fun bat and bar mitzvahs, so we’re here to help.

At Snap Entertainment, we take care of the entertainment for your important parties so that you don’t have to. We provide exciting game rentals and photo booth rentals that guests of all ages will enjoy in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. Contact us today to get your party planning started! Now, here are our top five ideas for planning Bat and Bar Mitzvah entertainment. 

5. Making a Candy Buffet

 One thing none of your guests will turn away from is a candy buffet. Entertain your guests by allowing them to pick and choose from a variety of candies to create their own goodie bags. You can even get creative and pick candies that match the theme and decor of the party as well.

4. Adding a Custom Swag Station

A custom swag station is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your guests after the party is over. You could offer hats or T-shirts that feature a unique design so guests will always remember the night.  If you’re looking for bat and bar mitzvah entertainment that can last the length of the party, then continue reading for more of our bar and bat mitzvah party ideas!  

3. Hiring a DJ or MC

Music is essential to any party and event. Therefore, you can’t host a bat and bar mitzvah without it! Having a DJ or MC responsible for the music all night by creating custom playlists and taking requests from guests will take some stress off your shoulders. They can also be a helpful hand in keeping the party lively. We highly recommend Washington Talent for your Mitzvah MCs!

2. Booking a Photobooth

When you host an important party like a bat or bar mitzvah, you want guests to leave remembering that night forever. Make your event memorable by offering physical memorabilia that they can take home! Party favors are a popular option for this, but they can be tedious and expensive to make. 

We recommend booking a photo booth for your bar mitzvah entertainment. With a photo booth, your guests will not only leave with fun photos of their night but also the entertainment and joy that comes with using a photo booth. Check out all of the types of photobooths for your event to see what we offer. We have everything from a 360 slow-motion booth to a green screen photo booth to keep your guests entertained.

1. Renting Party Games

If you’re not interested in scheduling entertainment performers like dancers or magicians, then we have the perfect alternative for you. Renting arcade games is the most ideal bar mitzvah entertainment because it’s easy, convenient, and fun for guests of all ages, hence why it’s first on our list! 

Depending on the theme of your bat or bar mitzvah, we have numerous games you can choose from to ensure they fit your theme. We offer casino game rentals for those casino-themed parties. We also offer retro arcade games which are perfect if you’re celebrating with an 80s or 90s-themed party. Our customers’ most popular picks though come from our giant games and arcade games where everyone is encouraged to get competitive with one another.  

Contact Snap Entertainment for Your Bat and Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

At Snap Entertainment, we take the entertainment off of your hands so you can focus on having a good time. If you’re located in one of our service areas, we encourage you to contact us about your upcoming party!